Artist Lukau Lukelo greets visitors to the "Live Art Show" at the Open Source Gallery, BKLN.
Jose & Joseph in the spotlight during "Sherman-Like" photoshoot at MoMA community art studios, Cullman Education Building,
Engaging activities at "Bring da' Beach ta' da Hood" show at the Open Source Gallery, BKLN.
Above: Dialogic art session at the Baltic Street Resource and Wellness Center. 


Above: Being Neighborly Artist Collective; Linda Moses, Jenny Chan, Aracelis Rivera, Vincent Salas, Georgia Redd, Laura Anne Walker, Ray Lopez, Lukau Lukelo, Bernadette Corcoran, Alix Cesar, Martha Haddock-Cruz, Larry Willoughby Jr., Larry Ferguson, Cynthia Timms, Shelia Horne, Rosemary Yoboby, Girl Negron, Michael Johnson, Greg Nelson. Left: Jenny Chan and Valerie Nechamkin attending the Being Neighborly art opening at the Museum of Modern Art!